Construction is the process of creating a new building or structure by using natural and artificial resources in combination with manual labor. The main aim of any construction must be to protect its natural surroundings and not harm the environment by releasing harmful gasses or in any other way. With the increase in global warming, there is a strict need to address the challenges like resource depletion, climatic change, peak oil production, and pollution. Taking the seriousness of global warming and pollution into account, many new construction methods and techniques have been introduced that are environmentally friendly.

Decreasing energy consumption:

With the predictability of decreasing fossil fuels and change in climate, it is important to reduce energy consumption. Green buildings involve those construction techniques and materials which are eco-friendly. Several buildings that were constructed long ago need to be demolished due to their inability to withstand natural calamities and climatic changes. Before demolishing such buildings, most of its parts that are still new or relatively recent like furniture, floor tiles, windows, doors, furnishing, sinks, etc, are taken out by professionals so that they can be used again in new buildings. Green building construction methods not only reduces the cost of construction, but also saves natural resources.

Building Healthier Houses:

Eco-friendly construction helps in creating a better outdoor environment. Conventional building methods and materials have been associated with several health problems. Chemical toxins from solvents, paints, composite timbers, and plastic together with biological pollutants like moulds and dust mites cause problems like depression, headaches, asthma, palpitations, and serious fatigue syndrome. Green building techniques remove such problems through better ventilation design, use of non-toxic, natural materials and products, and breathable walls. This construction method also helps in strengthening the economy and supporting

An Essential Choice:

Sustainable building methods are a wise choice. The construction industry must employ eco-friendly materials and practices that decrease the impacts that can cause irreversible damage to our environment. The government also must understand the urgency required to implement green specifications in building codes and regulations. This construction method goes a great way to create and maintain an eco-friendly environment and society.